Tuesday - Honor Life

Lesson Scriptures: Exodus 20:13; 1 Samuel 26:7-11,22-25

Key Lesson Theme: “Honor Life”

Today's Lesson: Tuesday, September 22

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Exodus 20:13

13 Do not murder.


This commandment and the two that follow are direct and concise; prime examples of divine prohibitions. All three are fundamental to a people who would live and relate to each other with respect.

Jesus spoke about this commandment (and a few others) in the Sermon on the Mount, but He took it far beyond the norm in applying it. True righteousness goes beyond mere external conformity to the law. The challenge to His followers was to seek to understand and apply the intent of God’s instructions, not simply to follow the letter of the law. In the case of the sixth commandment, we are not to kill another person.

Jesus condemned the kind of anger that even led a person to consider murder as an option. But He did not stop there. He condemned violent attitudes that resulted in verbal assaults on a brother as well, such as calling him a fool—the belittling of a human being. The high demands of discipleship require that we purge hate-filled attitudes from our lives as completely as hated-driven actions. Such attitudes will be subject to judgment and punishment by God (v. 22).

The bottom line is, human life is precious to God and should be to us. Therefore, look for ways to honor, protect, and respect life rather than destroy it. Struggle as we may with how to apply the commandment in all circumstances in an ever-changing culture, we must never get to a point where we take it lightly.

What are some lasting truths from Exodus 20:13?

>God is the source of life; it is precious to Him.

>We are to share the same view toward life as God; it is His sacred gift.

>We have no justification for angrily, intentionally, vengefully murdering another individual.

Until tomorrow Saints...

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