Thursday - Serve Through Prayer

Lesson Scriptures: 1 Kings 17:17-24

Key Lesson Theme: “Serve Through Prayer”

Today's Lesson: Thursday, August 5

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1 Kings 17:22-24

22 So the Lord listened to Elijah, and the boy’s life came into him again, and he lived.

23 Then Elijah took the boy, brought him down from the upstairs room into the house, and gave him to his mother. Elijah said, “Look, your son is alive.”

24 Then the woman said to Elijah, “Now I know you are a man of God and the Lord’s word from your mouth is true.”


Elijah’s praying was more than a meaningless ritual or the expected practice of a religious man. His prayer fell on the ears of the Lord.

Elijah had carried the lifeless body of the child to his roof chamber room. We can only imagine what his anxious mother had been doing during the time the child was with Elijah. What did she think when Elijah came into the house still carrying the child? How might her heart have leapt within her chest when Elijah delivered him (“gave him”; NIV, CSB) to her with the declaration, See, your son lives? What a joyous and glorious moment that must have been!

We do know it was a life-changing moment—certainly for the boy but also for the woman. This miraculous event reaffirmed for her that Elijah had been sent by the Lord God. Elijah knew his place; he was a servant. Elijah knew the Lord’s place; He was the Lord God. Elijah spoke a word of life, but the Lord gave life. Even death could not thwart The Lord’s holy purpose. This woman now realized that as well.

What are some lasting truths from 1 Kings 17:22-24?

>God is attentive to the pleas of His people.

>The Lord is the giver of life; the God of the living; the master over death.

>God can work through our lives to accomplish His will and to bring others into a right relationship with Him.

>God’s answer to our prayers can lead others to turn to Him in faith.

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